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 Antieke bedden & kinderkameraccessoires

Ancient bed & children’s room accessories

Just take a look at our fine collection and allow us to surprise you!

Most of the beds were made in the previous century. All of our beds are different and that’s the reason our collection is always unusual and unique. All of the beds have been renewed. If you wish, we can extend the beds to a size of 2.00/2.10 mtr. The beds will still remain antiques, in which you may find some antique dents or a crooked button. In our opinion, that’s the charm of ancient beds which are mostly more than 100 years old. You also can order special mattress sizes (tailored made). We also feature a special construction for your bed floor.

We send all of our beds, mattresses, bed bottoms, and children’s furniture via COD (cash on delivery) by means of a courier.
Shipping costs start from € 45,00.

For the children’s accessories we have two shipping options via TPG Post. You can fill out your preference when you place your order.

Everyone who orders at De Hebberij receives an e-mail with the specifications of the order and the shipping costs. If you choose registered mail you will receive a reference number as well, you should state this number on your money transfer.

International orders

International orders (International package plus) will be handled by TPG postal services.

All orders from abroad will receive a confirmation e-mail stating the specifications of your order (information and costs) and costs of shipping and handling + the information of De Hebberij.

Please wire the amount due within ten days to the bank account of “De Hebberij” stating the reference number. As soon as we have received your payment we will process your order.

Our beds, matrasses, bed bodems and children’s furniture will be shipped via cash on delivery by a certified courier! Please inquire about the costs.
Our child chamber accessories are also worth a look. For example, we sell beautiful coverlet covers, floor and wall carpets, and pillows from brands such as Rube& Rutje, Colorique, and more. In short a lot of the accessories that you can’t easily locate and buy elsewhere. This makes our shop very special. You can frequently find us at furniture events.

Ordering has now been made even simpler!
Should you be interested in purchasing an item, press the button ‘order’ at the product of your choice. We will then contact you as soon as possible to finalise your order.

All of our beds & accessories can be delivered throughout the Netherlands by way of cash on delivery (COD). However, you will have to pay additional costs.

Of course you also have the possibility to pick your purchases up yourself.

With kind regards,
Ingrid Jansen
“De Hebberij”

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